Event Logistics

A one stop shop for all important and complex issues related to the event organization: sport events, concerts, shows, weddings.

The Event Logistics imply movement and assembly of materials and equipment; this requires maximum attention and a smart planning because the success of an event, which is the result of long working days and investments and offers commercial opportunities, often depends on rapidity and punctuality of delivery.

GIAS Service promises the utmost care in any organisation detail, provides a service of both national and international shipping, thanks to its skilled staff and its flexibility. It supports its clients throughout the entire setting-up with a pre and post-event assistance and especially the maximum attention to the material during delivery, assembling and disassembling operations.

GIAS Service will take care of all activities related to transport and handling of goods for the event, from a firs-class thorough assistance to the preparation of papers and procedures, packaging and storage.

Thanks to its specialists, GIAS Service, furthermore, builds stages, stands and panels and installs both lights and sound-video systems.

Gias Service works with teams. A person in charge will be always on site, will supervise the work, will take care of any issue and be in contact with the client. Each team will work for maximum 6 hours in order to avoid injuries, damages and to enhance the productivity without overtime costs.


Thorough assistance, preparation of papers and procedures, management and storage of packaging materials.


Assembling of stages, stands and panels.
Installation of light-audio-video systems.


The work is carried out by one or more teams for a maximum 6-hour shift so that the productivity is enhanced and risk of damages and injuries is minimized.